Production base

Rinko-interior Ltd. disposes with own production base, which is on 12 000 m2 terrain with 9 500 m2 built area. The base for PVC and alluminium wood work is on 10 800 m2 terrain with 2 500 m2 built area. More than 100 well-trained specialists and workers are caring for optimal desire realization. The mashines which are used in the furniture production are from leading brands in this sphere like Homag, Ligna, Brand, Weeke. The firm has automatic line for veneering which allows a work not only with laminated planes but with natural materials too. A modern Barberan varnishing line with rotating robot complete the professional equipment and helps for Rinko-interior Ltd.’ big competitiveness on Bulgarian and foreign market.

Production equipment

• HOMAG-KAL 310: Rectilinear edge banding machine, soft-forming,
• HOMAG-KAL 210: Rectilinear edge banding machine,
• HOMAG-KAL 210 2C: Rectilinear edge banding machine (multifunctional),
• Brand-KTD 820: Curvilinear edge banding machine,
• CEHISA: Curvilinear edge banding machine,
• CEHISA-RAPID EP 11: Rectilinear edge banding machine,
• HOLZMA-380: Panel saw cutting machine – 2 pieces,
• CNC-HOMAG: Working center with CNC control (five axis),
• WEEKE-280 CNC: Working center with CNC control (multifunctional),
• WEEKE-BHX 500 CNC: Working center with CNC control (drilling),
• VITAP: Drilling machine,
• BLUM-PROCENTER: Drilling machine (multifunctional),
• GRASS: Drilling machine (multifunctional),
• ALTENDORF F 45: Sliding table saw,
• SIKAR: Sliding table saw,
• CASADEI 2000: Sliding table saw,
• POLYMAC: Curvilinear edge cleaning machine,
• CASATI-1000: Veneer jointer machine,
• CASATI-3100: Guillotine for veneer cutting,
• ORMA: Automatic pressed line,
• BARBERAN: Robotic line of lacquer finishes and such with UV polymerization,
• LAGOS: Camera for lacquering and drying,
• SLIPICON: Upper grinding machine,
• BIESSE-LEVAL 1300: Belt sander

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